Monday, February 23, 2009

The Great Debacle of 2009

The Oscars were on last night! Anyone watch 'em? Giliane & I have a long-standing tradition of filling out an Oscar ballot with who we think will win. I will admit, I don't usually win these things. Sometimes I get close, and I have even won a few times. But it's been a while and I was figuring I might get lucky this time around.

How wrong I was.

I believe there were about 23 or 24 categories. I got 6 right. That's it. And Giliane got those SAME 6 right!! Guess how many Giliane got wrong total. Go ahead! You'll never guess! She only missed by 5 or 6 questions. That means she got somewhere around 17 right!!! What does that tell you? That I can't pick a winner worth crap. Want someone to lose? Ask me. I'll bet I picked that person to win. It was terrible! Every time I tried to think outside the box and take a simple guess, I went down in flames. **sigh** At any rate, good job, babe! That's your best showing yet!

So that means that either I have to cook Giliane dinner AND clean up afterwards, or else I can take her out to the restaurant of her choice. Guess which one I'll choose? :)

Comet Lulin will be making it's closest appearance to Earth tomorrow. That means it should be visible to the naked eye provided you're in a darker part of the country at night. Fortunately for me, I just happen to. So I think I'll try later tonight to aim my new telescope at it, hook my CCD camera to it and try and take a snapshot or two. Will have to see how it goes! If it goes well, you'll see some pictures posted in here. If not, then you'll know that I still haven't learned the nuances of the thing.

If you're interested in reading up on this green comet, here's a few links:

Wish me luck!


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