Sunday, August 24, 2008

Closing Ceremony

I think Beijing did a really admirable job, hosting the Olympic Games of 2008.

Gilly & I watched the vast majority of the games, whether online, on tv, or on dvr (on past midnight). The US had the most medals, 110. There were some disappointments (track & field, gymnastics), and some history making events (Phelps' record 8 gold medals).

Anyone watch when the swim relay team, losing after the 3rd leg, still managed to overtake France and win the gold? Truly awesome relay! We started watching from the couch, and by the time it was over, we were standing, shouting, & hollering like mad. Who wouldn't?

And who else out there thinks that some of the Chinese gymnasts are younger than 16? They claim that they are small for their age, and that they have all the necessary documents to back it up. Issued by the government, they say. Well of course they save the government docs are legit. The government can create whatever they want. Oh, well. Even if they are too young, they still did better than everyone else.

At any rate, the next Summer Games will be held in London, 2012. The Winter Games of 2010 are going to be held in Vancouver, BC. Kwan is rumored to be thinking about competing. As good as she is, she's also getting up there in years. She needs to just gracefully bow out.

The dog is whining. That's my cue to drop what I'm doing and get going!


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