Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My birthday present!

I kinda sound like Gollum, don't I? :)

This year for my birthday I was planning on asking everyone for $$$ so that I could get myself an iPod classic. Giliane has an iPod nano and it's really cool!

Then I started to think about it. What did I need an iPod for? The obvious question, to me, was to be able to play movies. Well, as I was discovering how to convert a dvd to be able to play it on Gilly's iPod, I also discovered how to make it play on my Palm. The iPod doesn't have an expansion port and can't go online. My Palm will. So I'll stick with my Palm.

Now. What to do with my birthday money... I was actually checking out different software I might be able to purchase to use in my business. Then Giliane came up with some AWESOME ideas! What about a keyboard, she asked. Or maybe a telescope.

A telescope! Now we're talking! So I started to research telescopes. I learned all kinds of things about them. The main things I wanted was to have a computerized telescope. I tell it what I want to look at, it will then aim itself and tell me it's ready. And, I'd really like it to be compatible with taking some pictures. I've seen some really cool pictures of stars, nebulae, etc. So I'd like to give it a try. This is the telescope that I purchased. Pretty cool, huh? See the remote? I can punch in what I want to see and it will swivel around until it's lined up. Plus, we have some of the best star-gazing areas down here, due to the lack of "light pollution". No street lamps, hardly any lights from the city, and it's a small city at that. I can't wait!

I don't know if I ever mentioned this yet, but we purchased Rock Band (& instruments) for the Xbox 360. Well, you feel kinda corny playing fake instruments, but then again, it's a helluva lot of fun! We're not that great, but when there's someone on the drums, on the guitar, and someone with the microphone singing, who cares how foolishly you can "play" your instrument or how well you can hit the right notes when you're singing? So every few weeks or so we'll take the console online and see what new songs exist.

Ok, I'll sign off for now. Everyone have a great 4th of July!


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