Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Took my first astro-pic!

Man alive, does that sound cheesy. Sounded much better in my head. :)

Anyway, I just received my CCD computer-camera, hooked it up to the telescope and the computer, and lo & behold! An image! Granted, not the best. Need to get a lunar filter (damn thing is bright!), learn more about setting the contrast, etc., but I think for my first attempt, it came out pretty good.

I tried taking a couple shots of Jupiter. With my telescope, I'm able to see some of Jupiter's moons, and some faint colors. I should be able to see the GRS (great-red-spot) with the equipment I have. Learned a few things then about astrophotography. When you're focused on something that far away from the planet Earth, and the slightest wind comes up, suddenly you're going through a magnitude 8.0 earthquake. Will have to try again when there isn't any wind. **sigh** I'd like to get a high-power lense, with a Barlow lense, too. I have a 9mm and a 25mm eyepiece. As I mentioned before, I'd really like to get a lunar filter. They're cheap. I'll have to keep an eye out for 'em on eBay. :)

As I get some better shots I'll post 'em in here. Wish me luck!


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