Monday, May 08, 2006

Pool is up, bring on the heat!

As we watch the temps gradually increasing into the triple digits, we realized it was time to put our pool back in our sun room.

I had it stored out in our shed. I figured I could clean it up and get it ready in no time flat. I wanted to surprise Giliane 'cause she was working that day. So, with all good intentions in place, let me tell you a few things that hampered my progress:

1. There was a coating of goop on several sections. No problem. Cleaned up with soap and water.
2. Lost a seal around the filter pump intake. No sweat. Tightened the clamp extra tight to ensure no leaks.
3. Started filling with water. Got about 6 inches high when water was noted on the ground, and it wasn't coming from the pump. Stared stupidly at the water for about five minutes, then the cursing began. Houston, we have a problem.
4. Started draining the pool. Grass grows faster than this thing does draining.
5. Grabbed the pump from our fountain and forced the water to drain faster. This required me to actually hold the outtake from the pump up to the drainage hose. Kills the back.
6. Drainage hose develops kink. Cursing at hose does no good. Several violent yanks does no good. Dog thinks I'm playing and starts to bark at hose. Put on wet sandals and remove kink from hose, only to discover four (4) more kinks in hose. Fixed kinks.
7. Drainage hose gets plugged with junk from fountain after I cleaned it out. I grab a bucket and start to bail water out of the pool. Refer to the last section of #5.
8. Wife helped drag out old pool. Water went everywhere.
9.. Bought new pool. Filled it up. About two hours later, water was again noticed on the ground. Tried using old pump. Mistake.

Needless to say, I had my share of problems on Saturday trying to get the damn thing working. But, with Giliane's help, we dumped the last bit of water out of the old one and have the nice new pool in it's place. Now we just need the sun to warm it up a bit. I never thought I'd say that 76° water would be cold. *sigh*


Blogger Keri said...

HAHAAHH! yeah my pool is nice too.. hhehehheheh..

May 11, 2006 8:07 AM  

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