Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Fires of Hell Doth Approacheth

It's supposed to hit 94 today. Even hotter tomorrow.

In preparation, I had my grandpa Bill come over and show me the intricacies of cleaning out an evaporative cooler. Messy work. Very glad he knew what he was doing! Thanks again, grandpa! It's working great! Giliane & I plan on using that thing as much as we can and try to leave the A/C off as much as possible. We did that last year and did it ever help with the utility bills!!!

It's definitely time to think about getting out the pool. We have one of those portable pools, 13 feet in diameter, and holds over 1700 gallons of water. It fits perfectly in our AZ room. I think it's time to bring it out, clean it up, and start having fun again!

We're also due to housesit Keri's place. She has a really nice backyard complete with custom pool. Glad to housesit anytime, sis!! :)


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