Born on July 11, 2007 she is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi.   We picked her up while vacationing in Oregon (September, 2007),  from Beth with Cattle Baron Corgis.  Feel free to check out her web site!

Recent Pictures
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March, 2008 Pics

Striking a pose for mommy & daddy!    I have my hoof to chew on, my pillow to rest on, it don't get any better than this!

February, 2008 Pics


October, 2007 Pics

Playing tug-of-war with Marlie.     I went for a dip in Auntie Keri's pool!   My pillow!  Sammi got up and left, I swear!!!   My ears haven't popped up yet!  I'm gonna get 'em taped!   Dad, that's mine!! Check it out!  The tape is off, and my ears are GORGEOUS!!   Dammit, I've told you a hundred times.  That's mine!!!   I just had my bath.  Aren't I pretty?   My mommy loves this shot the best!

Look ma, no paws on the ground!     I'm gonna take Marlie & Bailee down!!     I think I sprained something.  Too much playing!!      That hair clip is mine.  Cough it up.

    My baby pics!!

4 days old

4 days old, top left.






Keeley, 2 weeks old2 weeks old now!  She looks huge, huh?  The breeder's daughter is holding her.



3 weeks oldHer eyes are open at 3 weeks old!

4 weeks oldWhat a little ham!  4 weeks old and getting bigger!

Around 5 weeks old!Look how cute I am!  I'm around 5 weeks old now!

6 weeks old
Enjoying time outdoors!  Did everyone ditch me?  I'm only 6 weeks old!

7 weeks oldHamming it up again!  7 weeks old now, and getting close to meeting my new parents!

If I can just get my mouth around this thing...At 8 weeks old on my way to my new home!

Sportin' my brand new 'do!  Ready for the Arizona heat!9 weeks old, and sportin' my new "do" for the heat of Arizona!

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