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Studebakers This is the official site of the Studebaker Museum. John Studebaker is a 2nd cousin several generations removed from Giliane. Once there, check out the Studebaker Family story!

Pembroke Castle Read about Pembroke Castle's history and how Oliver Cromwell laid siege to the castle with Col. John Poyer defending it.

Battle of Dunbar One of my ancestors, George Darling, who was born in the Lothian region of Scotland, participated in the battle. The Scots were defeated by Cromwell and Darling was sent to the Colonies to carry out his punishment: indentured servitude.

Queen Aliquippa This Seneca Indian was mentioned several times in the journals of George Washington. Read the Queen Aliquippa legend here!

Bisbee Deportation Now I can't find any positive proof that we have a connection to the Bisbee Deportation of 1917, but I do believe one exists. I just have to keep digging! :) Giliane has a great-aunt who was born in Bisbee, AZ a day before this happened!

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