Monday, May 11, 2009

Horror movie being filmed here...

I was never much of a fan of horror movies, but now, darn it, I'm gonna have to rent one when it comes out: Piranha 3-D. Why? Because it's being filmed here in Havasu. The first day of shooting is actually today. Part of McCulloch Blvd has been shut down, and the films leading actress, Elisabeth Shue, is in town for filming. Picked a mighty hot day, if you ask me. Oh, well.

A lot of news on the family tree front. Turns out I have at least two more uncles (my dad's half-brothers). Dad has already talked to one, who's living in CA. The other is still unknown, but steps have been taken in order to facilitate contact between everyone. We all look forward to getting to know our new relatives better! And boy, do I have some information about the family tree! :)

Ok, I have several clients I have to see this afternoon, so here's to an early start!


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