Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Front yard transformation!

It's taken about 4 weekends of work, but we finally have cleaned up our front yard. We've removed some plants, modified irrigation systems, and even changed our "grave" to an authentic landscaped mound, complete with tree and flowers.

The top picture is a shot of our front rose bed. It used to have just bare dirt, and no real definition to it. As you can see, we've added some colored landscape rock to it. Brown saddleback, if memory serves.

Next up we have a picture of our former grave. More landscape rock, as well as a little reshaping, with a bottlebrush tree and two purple lantanas. One lantana made for a midnight snack for some rabbit, so that was replaced. The other is growing, but had been snacked on before, too. Will have to wait and see if we need to replace it. You'll also notice that the oleanders have been significantly trimmed, bringing them back down to a normal height. I don't think oleanders are supposed to be taller than bamboo!

Finally, we have a front shot of the house from the street. From this picture, you can the big, green blob of a plant that used to be on the right side of our driveway has been removed. That thing was so disgusting that there was mold underneath it. Giliane was very glad to see that thing removed.
The next thing we're going to be doing is having some smaller river rock delivered and put a narrow border along the driveway. We've seen some examples of that and think it would look very nice!

The final step for the front yard would be to trim the oleanders on the other side of the yard. They aren't nearly as bad as the behemoths that were recently scaled back. But there's more of 'em. **sigh**

No rest for the weary!


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