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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Seester visits!!

We had a really awesome Memorial Day weekend. My sister-in-law, Stacey (henceforth referred to as "seester"), flew down for a few days!

We drove up to Las Vegas to pick her up and took her to see a few sights there. I'm pretty sure her favorite was The Mirage's dolphin pool. She and a really friendly female dolphin, Dutchess, got along quite well! I think we have a couple of pictures, so I'll have to post a few as soon as I get them off Giliane's camera.

Rock Band - The GameWe also bought the game Rock Band for the Xbox 360, with all the musical instruments that go along with it. Yep, the drum set, guitar, and microphone. So on Saturday, our friends Jamie & Rob came over, and together we all acted like idiots and had a great time! Rob was really good on the guitar. I held my own on the drums, with Giliane working the bass drum for me. Stacey and Jamie took turns on the microphone, belting out all kinds of favorites and not-so-favorites. lol I guess you can form a fake band, go on fake tours, get fake fans, take your fake picture and put it on fake magazines. lol Don't know if we'll go that far!

I saw the stupidest story on the Internet about the rising gas prices. The story talked about how the price of oil is dropping, but the prices of gas are still rising. Why? Because all the bigwigs at the oil companies are afraid that the rising gas prices are lowering the demand for gasoline. Well, duh!!! You're just now figuring this out? Morons.

Anyway, we hope everyone has a great week! Watch lots of movies and spend lots of time with your family!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gas Prices SUCK!

The price for a barrel of oil has hit "record" prices of $123, which analysts predict it'll hit a record of $200 per barrel by the time summer is over.

I think I've seen a "record" number of the word "record" whenever they talk about oil prices. "Oil has reached a record all-time-high!" So what can we do about it?

Easy. Very simple. If you want to drive gas prices back down, we have conserve fuel. Drive the demand back down. Car pool. Ride a bike. Avoid any unnecessary trips. Buying a new car? Try to buy a hybrid. Until we cut our dependency on fossil fuels down, all those oil conglomerates are going to continue to rake in the big bucks. And trust me, they are always looking for an excuse to jack the prices up. "A storm is approaching some of our refineries. We had better think about shutting down." The price of oil jumps $5 a barrel. Someone sneezes on a pipeline. The price jumps $3 a barrel, and so on.

The economy is already shifting towards a more fuel efficient one. The sales of hybrid cars has jumped more than 40%. What does that mean for American automakers? The sales of Toyotas have surpassed Ford, which has been the #1 seller of cars and trucks here in the States. Now, Ford is sadly shaking its head. What happened to all our "high profit SUVs and trucks"? They aren't selling as much. People are holding off buying a new car or truck, or else buying something that is fuel-friendly.

Giliane & I were chatting about this very thing this morning. As she put it, these oil companies are shooting themselves in the foot. They are forcing our country to start curbing our dependency on gas and oil. When the demand is low enough, then the oil companies are going to realize the error of their ways.

Present gas prices here in Lk Havasu City: $3.65 at Chevron

It'll take some time, but hang in there!