The Ramblings of Jeff & Gilly...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Football season has started!

It's that GLORIOUS time of year when pre-season football has begun! As always, I'm going to root for the Redskins! They certainly haven't done that well in the past couple of years. Hey, it's a new year! Here's hoping they'll do a lot better!

Why favor the Redskins? My grandfather used to play for them in the 50s. Used to play for the Rams and the Eagles as well. So I grew up watching football. I remember watching football on tv with my grandfather. He'd always point out the flaws in the plays and be able to call what the flags were for even before the refs announced them over the p.a.

The game today has the Seahawks playing the Chargers, I believe. On at 5pm. Go Seahawks! And then tomorrow, on at the same time, the 49ers are playing on ESPN HD. I can't wait to watch that game! Go 49ers!

I'm pretty sure Keri's favorite team is the Seahawks. Gonna watch the game today??

Monday, August 06, 2007

Say hello to Keeley!

Here's Gilly's pup, Keeley! For those that don't know, she is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke. The colors are typically tri (black, red, & white), sable (red & white with a smattering of black), and red & white.

As you can see from the pic, she's a sable. The main characteristics for the Corgis are the small, little legs and no tails! And, they are a member of the herding group, so they like to have everyone together where they can see them. If not, they'll "herd" you back into their pack!

We can't wait to get her! First week of September!! Sammi's gonna get a little sister!