Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mom & Gary's Road Trip

Well, they finally did it!

Mom & Gary have an RV that they have been using to check out the sites. At the moment, they are taking a much needed vacation going up the west coast.

On Saturday, mom & Gary, along with my grandparents, stopped by Sacramento to have dinner with Giliane's parents, which is just freaky to me. No one to chaperone them! Who knows what they might have talked about!!! :)

On Sunday, mom called me to let me know they were in Gold Hill, OR, which is where the pic was taken. Gold Hill is between Medford & Grants Pass. That's where we're gonna be visiting when we go on vacation in September. Crazy, huh?

From what mom tells me, Gary is getting quite good at driving the RV, backing the thing up into the RV spaces, etc. Good job, Gary!

As of this writing, they are in Salem, visiting some of Gary's family. Sounds like they are truly having fun! Have fun guys. You earned it!


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