Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Restraints lifted.

Hello again -

Ok, in the spirit of trying to keep this blog as user-friendly as possible, I've lifted the "Only Members Can Post" option, meaning that anyone can leave a message.

If I get too many unknowns, or someone that's being a jerk and posting anything inappropriate, then I'll have to delete this blog and come up with something else 'cause I just don't think should force anyone who wants to use this to create a Google account.

So, what'll happen is this. If you open a message, or wish to leave a comment, you can do so, only your comment will appear from "Anonymous". Should you wish to create an "identity", then you'll be forced to create a Google account. It's not bad, or difficult to do, it's just annoying.

So when leaving a comment, or message, as "Anonymous", just sign your name at the bottom so we know who you are!



Blogger Diane said...

This blogger thing with Google seems weird. Can't understand any of this! No surprise! I am hoping this doesn't pertain to me since I have a google email account. You do have a nice blog so hopefully this will work out. I love your new computer! Pretty nice with all the handwriting...Some of us have to continue on old, obsolete laptops!

March 28, 2007 8:47 PM  

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