Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy 60th Birthday, mom!

Man alive, you hit the big 6-0!

Naturally had to have an uber-chocolate cake, with double the frosting!

Oh, please note the black candles. One for every century. Damn, did it again. :) I mean, one for every decade!!!

Oh, of course, what's a little over-the-hill celebration without the decorations to match! So Keri bought some black & white streamers and we "decorated" her kitchen for her!! Even put some balloons in the living room, all appropriately labelled, of course.

In this second picture, you can get an idea of what her kitchen looked like. Black & white as far as the eye could see. On top of that, there were hundreds of little plastic toy balls lying around everywhere. Bailee was going nuts. Brayden & Blayke helped make mom's dream of finding those things for years to come a reality.

At any rate, happy birthday, you old timer!!!


Blogger Diane said...

Oh geez, now the world knows I am "60"! It sure was a nice party... I sure got fooled! You guys are all the best, you did such a nice job decorating. However, I think you got the years wrong, I just turned 40, not 60! After all, I was 39 two days ago, sheesh! Anyway, thanks for remembering.

February 04, 2007 4:24 PM  

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