Thursday, January 04, 2007

Sears SUX

Am I the only one that has a problem ordering things from Sears??

Or, more specifically, ordering from

I first ran into trouble back when we remodelled our kitchen. I placed a rather large order for two new kitchen appliances, including delivery & installation. The website said that the items I wanted were in stock. Apparently, that's for stores in the "normal" delivery zone. I didn't get the items until a month later.

Then, Sears in LHC here tells me that I need to be the one to arrange for delivery & installation due to them not having anyone on staff that takes care of it. Fine.

Then just yesterday I went to order something else from Sears. I purposely avoided ordering anything online and chose to deal with a human directly. I don't want any more surprises or nasty situations. So I called up the toll free number and said I want to order a mattress. They said, Nope. No can do. You need to talk to your local store. Fine. Called the local store. Told them that I want to order an item, and that I even have the item number. "Do you have a Sears card?" Told them that I didn't. "Sorry, Sears policy. You can't place an order over the phone. You need to come in to the store."

I was livid. "What difference does it make whether I give you a Sears # or a Visa #? It's the same thing: a credit card number."

"Store policy."

"Well, when you want to know why you lost the sale, that's the reason." I hung up on them.

So I'm encouraging everyone I know to either know beforehand what the delivery charges/installation charges will be or flat-out avoid Sears. I know I will now.


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