Wednesday, September 06, 2006

AZ room photos!

Here's what the room looked like before we did anything to it.

Look at that. Torn down and already looking a helluva lot better! Pic taken: August 30th, 2006.

Ok, now you can see the chunks of concrete that had to be removed so they could dig a deeper hole and pour yet more concrete. Pic taken: September 1st, 2006.

Ok, ready to pour concrete. Pic taken: September 4th, 2006.

The concrete has been poured. And, as you can see, construction has finally, finally, started! Pic taken: September 6th, 2006.

Hey, what do you know?? They finished our AZ room! Now we either need to get it stucco'd or it needs to be painted. Then we'll get it screened with grey 90% screen. For those that don't know, that means this screen will block 90% of the sun! Pic taken: September 16th, 2006.


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