Monday, March 06, 2006

Crash wins Best Picture Oscar!

It's rare lately that a movie I've seen/liked actually wins an Oscar. This one wasn't too bad. Both Giliane & I watched in a few weeks ago. Definitely not for everyone!

We decided to make a bet as to who could accurately guess the Oscar winners. I figured, what the hell. I usually win when it comes to the Oscars. Actually, I've won it the last three years in a row. Well, all that came to a screeching halt once we incorporated a bet into it. I lost. By two. Dammit. :) This definitely isn't my year. I lose the bet that we had when we watched the Super Bowl and now this. What's this world coming to???

We personally think that Jon Stewart did a decent job hosting the Oscars. As Giliane pointed out to me, he's a very sarcastic person. So we found ourselves laughing through most of his jokes. I've already read some early reviews that "most of Hollywood" didn't "get" Stewart. I thought it was classier than last year. Then again, I thought Chris Rock was a very poor choice when it came to hosts. Stewart did a commendable job.


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